Diana Gross directed and produced her first documentary ‘Makin’ the Magic’ in 2006. Her second documentary ‘Behind Closed Doors’ (2007) won the ‘Best Documentary Award’ at the All-American Film Festival, was an official selection at the 2007 Maryland Film Festival and Baltimore Women’s Film Festival. Her follow-up documentary ‘Healing Neen’ (2009) recently screened at the United Nations and received a 2010 Voice Awards Honorable Mention. It continues to screen at film festivals and on public television stations. In 2009, Diana was invited to participate in the Baltimore of Museum of Art’s Cinematic Celebration of Poe, for which she created an adaptation of Poe’s short story “Life in Death”. She began filming ‘The Regulars’ mid-season in the 2007

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Ismail Abdehlkhalek has worked as a Producer, Direcor, Director of Photography, and Editor. In 2006 Ish was hired as the Director of Photography on The Learning Channel’s show “6 for the Road”. During 2007-8, he was Director of Photography and Episodes Editor for Discovery History’s show “And Then Came 6″. In 2009, he edited his first feature length indie film “Jackman”. Ismail edited ‘Makin’ the Magic’ with Diana in 2006 and joined her on the ‘The Regulars’ mid-season in 2007.

Jim Doran is a seasoned technologist and artist who works in the field of higher education, both as a Web designer/developer and as a teacher. Jim’s fondness for retro typography and print design, coupled with Diana’s encouragement, got him excited about creating baseball cards and other material for this film.  He came aboard in the 2010 off-season.

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