Trading Cards

The Central Park Softball Trading Card Series

Jim Doran has designed trading cards for some of Morty Gilbert’s Central Park Regulars and other Central Park Softball Legends. The designs are based upon each player’s age and the time period during which they began their softball careers. Printed cards may be available for sale in the future as a fundraiser to complete the film. In the meantime, if you choose to download and print the cards, please consider making a DONATION to the completion of the film:


One Response to Trading Cards

  1. Nilesh says:

    One thing that the set you get likley doesn’t contain is the chase cards various of the creators each autographed cards (I believe 100 per creator). These cards can be discerned from normal cards that someone got autographed at a convention, because the chase version has a blue back instead of a yellow back.I’ve got Tom Lyle!

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